Learning to Let Go

There is a song called “Kristy Are You Doing Okay” by The Offspring and when I am having trouble letting go of something there are a few of the lyrics that run through my head.

“A rose that won’t bloom

Winter’s kept you

Don’t waste your whole life trying

To get back what was taken away.”

I had been having a really tough day and my thoughts were anything but positive, when all of a sudden these lyrics began to run through my head. At the time, it was really what I needed to hear. I had been thinking a lot about my past and how much I was hurt by it. There were regrets about things I had done and wishes that things would have turned out differently running through my head. I wanted to get back the childhood I thought I deserved, one free of all the hurt and depression.

When the lyrics ran through my head, they reminded me that the past is the past. If I keep trying to hold onto the past I wish I could change, I will keep myself frozen in it and prevent myself from truly embracing the present and all that lies ahead. I can’t bring back the innocent happiness of a childhood that I lost too soon. All I can do is let go so that I can begin to move on. Once I begin to truly let go, I can begin to bloom and grow into the person that I am meant to be. A person that I can’t wait to meet in the mirror someday soon.

As I used to doubt but now believe, healing comes with time. Your happiness is worth the wait.


It’s Time to Talk

For most people depression is a silent battle and one faced alone. They do not want to face the stigma attached to depression. Instead of being called the depressed person they want to be called what they really are, a PERSON with depression. It is a very important distinction to separate the disease from the person. If depressed people didn’t face so much of the stigma maybe we would talk more about how we are feeling. The most important thing to do while fighting depression is to find someone you trust to talk to, someone who can lift some of your burdens. Keeping everything to yourself will weigh you down, I’ve felt it. When I am going through a rough patch I still tend to isolate myself, and while some time alone is healthy too much is not. I have noticed that just getting out of the house for a while can brighten my spirits especially if it is with friends. Talking to my friends about how I feel during my lowest points of depression helps me to let go of some of my pain and worries. Most important of all is to reach out to other people who are depressed because they are the people who will understand you the most and you will understand them. We can truly help one another if we just reach out with love and support. Also raising awareness about depression will decrease the stigma and help so many people. Remember you still have a voice. It is time stand strong and speak up for all the people whose voices have yet to grow. Even if it is just a whisper someone will hear. It may just be you at first, but you will strengthen yourself until your voice is so loud everyone will hear. You can make a difference, if only you just SPEAK UP and end the SILENCE.

As I used to doubt but now believe, healing comes with time. Finding your happiness is worth the wait.