Believe in Your Strength

I have found at times when I am really struggling with my depression, I feel very weak. I think to myself that a stronger person wouldn’t let this happen to them. This gets me in a downward spiral of thinking about all my faults. The list seems endless. Things like I am weak, stupid, ugly and fat. Sometimes, I even think that I don’t deserve to be happy or even alive.

            It can be very easy to see the faults other people pick on, but it can be very hard to see the good qualities your friends see in you. Listen to your good friends when they give you compliments and talk about your good qualities. They look at us with a love we often don’t feel for ourselves. A good question to ask yourself is if you were talking to a good friend, would you treat them the way you treat yourself? You need to boost yourself up, like your friends would do for you and you would do for them.

            Learning how to love yourself can be one of the hardest things to do, but I have found it has helped me greatly in fighting my depression. Then, I can begin to acknowledge my accomplishments. The biggest thing is accepting my strengths and weaknesses for what they are. For my weaknesses, I like to think about what I can do to strengthen myself in those areas. I learn how to adapt myself, so that weak area won’t hold me back in my life. When it comes to my strengths, I need to learn to embrace them. There is a part of me that doesn’t believe I am good at anything and because of that I don’t often use the skills I have strength in. Utilizing my strengths has been something I have been getting better at. By believing in myself, I increase my strengths and confidence in my skills.

            Strength comes from the little things as well. Sometimes, showing my strength is as simple as getting out of bed on a hard day. Going to work and school, despite my fatigue, body ache and depression, is a sign of strength. Everyday that I fight my inner demons is a day that I use my strength. I applaud anyone who has to battle their inner demons on a daily basis. Some people don’t realize how much strength that takes. So, for those who struggle with that I tell you:

             You have amazing strength. I hope you realize how strong you are. Believe in your strength, believe in yourself and anything can be possible for you.

            As I used to doubt but now believe, healing comes with time. Your happiness is worth fighting for


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