Learning to Let Go

There is a song called “Kristy Are You Doing Okay” by The Offspring and when I am having trouble letting go of something there are a few of the lyrics that run through my head.

“A rose that won’t bloom

Winter’s kept you

Don’t waste your whole life trying

To get back what was taken away.”

I had been having a really tough day and my thoughts were anything but positive, when all of a sudden these lyrics began to run through my head. At the time, it was really what I needed to hear. I had been thinking a lot about my past and how much I was hurt by it. There were regrets about things I had done and wishes that things would have turned out differently running through my head. I wanted to get back the childhood I thought I deserved, one free of all the hurt and depression.

When the lyrics ran through my head, they reminded me that the past is the past. If I keep trying to hold onto the past I wish I could change, I will keep myself frozen in it and prevent myself from truly embracing the present and all that lies ahead. I can’t bring back the innocent happiness of a childhood that I lost too soon. All I can do is let go so that I can begin to move on. Once I begin to truly let go, I can begin to bloom and grow into the person that I am meant to be. A person that I can’t wait to meet in the mirror someday soon.

As I used to doubt but now believe, healing comes with time. Your happiness is worth the wait.


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